Photography: Aaron McPolin

Model: Mercedes Roberts

Make Up: Clare Mac

Hair: Kayla at Artistic Visions






Aaron8BW Aaron7BW




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Photography: Cloudy Rhodes

Model: Shinya Dalby

Beauty: Constance Bowles

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May 1, 2013 · 8:36 am

Sustainable Design – Outfit for Exhibition

Outfit for Fashionably Early; an exhibition on Sustainable Design:

Jacket (Boiled Wool), Shirt (Bamboo Jersey) and Shorts (Linen) are all ‘zero waste patterns’

Every bit of fabric was used – even the selvedges.

Each item is also multi size. The jacket has a range of zips allowing the shoulders and chest area to increase or decrease depending on the wearer. The hood can be converted and worn in a number of ways too. The shorts have been pressed and creased, allowing the fabric to expand and contract to fit the wearer.

Fashionably Early is running from 8th August to 15th September at the Gallery of Australian Design (GAD)


Photography: Richard Jefferson,

MUA: Constance Bowles

Model: Jeremy Mulligan

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house of empty spaces

Photographer: Luke Thompson

Model: Jeremy Cope







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Photography: Thom Perry

Hair and Make up: Simone Lee
Model: Leon Swithenbank

image4 image3 image2 image1 image5

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house of painted faces

Photographer: Caitlin Worthington

Make up: Rebecca Joanne

Hair: Simone Lee

Models: Craig Melville & Ash Bester

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Photography: Matthew Saville

Model: Joel Nankivell

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Seduction’is a series from back in 2010 and is the last of photographer, Aaron McPolin’s, university projects.  Based on the exploration of the female act of seduction. Showing forms which appeal to a males need to be seduced by female figures of domination,submission and fetish fantasies.

Photography: Aaron McPolin

MUA: Cindy Mather

Hair: Simone Lee    

Nail Art: Amanda McPolin

Models: Rebecca Frost, Renae Ayris, Stacey Monaghan, Alice Laas- all @ Chadwick

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Photography: Libby Edwards

MUA: Alison Price

Model: Madison Casey Kirke

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she said yoo hoo SS10/11 lookbook

This is the last collection I did under my old label ‘she said yoo hoo’ before I decided to give it up.

Photography: Caitlin Worthington

MUA: Constance Bowles

Models: Sheridan @ Chadwick, Gervase @ Chadwick

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